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Business IT, Networking, and Computer Services

On-Site IT Support

Let us bring our computer repair and business IT expertise to your office. We specialize in supporting small to medium businesses' computer networks. Computer repair, networking setup and troubleshooting, or any information technology repair or support can be done on-site, at your location.

IT Security Audit

Concered about client's personal information getting out? No Problem, we do a basic, or extensive data security audit to tell you all of the things we would do if we were running your network. Sure Debbie From the Front Desk's son is good with computers, but when it comes to data security you should bring in professionals.

Managed IT Services are the most cost-effective solutions for running your businesses' computer network. The foundation of Managed Services is proactive management: addressing problems before they happen at a time convenient to your business, rather than frantically restoring valuable services when you need them the most.

Network Consultation

Have a big project and need a little help? 

Contact our business department for complete project oversight. Cable runs, router/switch programming, VOIP services and integration and so much more. Call today to discuss the details of your project and a free estimate.

Server Support

We support Amazon Web Services server instances, cloud servers, active directory servers, Windows or Linux. Our team of brainiacs can setup, troubleshoot, and decommission any system. Call today for a free estimate.

Data Recovery

If you've deleted an important file and need it recovered we can help. We also do advanced recovery for files that were reformatted, and even failed hard drives. Prices vary depending on difficulty of recovery.


Residential Laptop and Desktop

Computer Services

PC Tune-Up

A computer cleanse done with adherence to our 32-Point PC Cleaning Checklist. Allow that computer to put a pep in its step by clearing out all of the obstacles that are in the way of it performing to its fullest computer potential.

Laptop Repair

We fix laptops of all makes and models. Dell, Acer, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple... etc.

You name it we fix it! We even fix problems others won't like motherboard issues, laptop screens, notebook powerjacks or keyboards.

Hardware Replacement

Tech Savvy Computer Services repairs hardware issues or upgrades in both notebooks or desktops. We can replace your RAM, Hard Drive, SSD, power supply, keyboard, trackpad, screen, hinges, anything we can find a hardware replacement part for we will replace it for you to get your computer running smoothly.

Virus Removal

Removal of Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Malware, Pop-ups, Unwanted Toolbars, and Unwanted Searchbars. Call today if you suspect your computer has been infected.

Desktop Repair

Tech Savvy Computer Services fixes desktops too. With fast turn around times and keeping you in the loop we will repair and fix your desktop computer so you can get back to enjoying your computer the way you always have.

Screen Replacement

Does your notebook computer have a damaged screen? Black lines? Dead Pixels? or even ink blot-like markings? No problem! This service is flat rate and includes parts. Ask one of our brainiacs about repairing your iPhone or iPad as well.