RELIABILE, SKILLED, AND PROFESSIONAL

          Tech Savvy is a computer repair business whose goal is to provide quality and affordable expertise just around the corner.  Come to us or have us come to you. Pick up and Delivery services are available to minimize your inconvenience.


          All of our technicians are certified in various fields. Some certificates we hold are Cisco CCNA networking certifications, CompTIA A+ Certification, MCITP Certifications, C-Tech Cabling Certifications. All of these cerificates display hard work, dedication, and knowledge. These certifications are earned and useful in the technology business. Even if we do not use the material learned in their practical applications (such as the C-Tech Cabling Certification) it provides a background and foundation of how things work and a more in depth understanding of how things are processed electronically. 


          Technology is our niche. We love what we do, and that is what makes us the best at it.