What are Manged Services?

Managed Services are the most cost-effective solution for complete IT care of your business.

24/7 Network Monitoring

Our techs are on the job 24/7 to make sure there aren't any abnormalities in your network or potential issues that need attention. Our job is to stop problems before they happen, to keep your business running smoothly... and we're pretty darn good at it.

Personal IT Help Desk

Can't access your email? Call us. Don't know how to print to a specific printer? Call us. You'll get expert help the moment you need it. No matter how minor the question may seem, our job is to support you with all of your IT needs.

Managed Anti-virus

Not only do you get amazing protection from the award-winning ESET software, but our techs are prepared for the worst. Chances are with Managed Anti-Virus, our certified technicians will know if you're computer has been infected before you do, and will clean that up immediately. 

Savings $$$

Our Managed Services plan is a fraction of what it costs to hire your own in-house system administrator, but still has all of the benefits. Plus you're getting a team, where the limits are not bound to one man's knowledge. Just see for yourself how affordable it is.

Managed Data Backup

Too many times, we have gone on-site for a failed drive or crashed system where the business hasn't checked their backups since it was installed; or worse, they don't even have a back up system in place! Now, you can sleep easy knowing Tech Savvy is constantly verifying your data is being backed up properly. 


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